Make/Model4 Hrs (only available Monday-Thursday)9-6 Hire24 Hrs48 HrsExtra DayDeposit
Jaguar E-Type S2 Roadster 4.2L 1969£185£299£350£660£275£2250
BMW 2002 Targa 2.0L 1973£99£120£150£275£120£750
Jaguar E-Type S2 FHC 4.2L 1970£150£249£299£465£225£2250
MGB Roadster 1.8L 1975£99£120£150£275£120£750
Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Sport Targa 1977£150£225£245£445£225£1750
Jaguar Mk 2 3.8L£145£215£250£395£225£1750
Jaguar Mk 2 2.4L£120£195£220£370£195£1000
VW Karmann Ghia Coupe 1.6L 1973 (LHD)£99£140£180£325£140£1000
Triumph Stag 3.0L 1972 £99£150£195£345£150£1000
Morris 1000 Convertible 1.1L 1963£99£120£145£250£100£750
Ford Mustang Convertible 4.7L V8 1966£150£249£295£465£225£1250
Fiat Multipla£110£180£220£370£180£1250
Fiat 500D£89£140£180£325£140£1000
Humber Hawk£115£150£195£345£150£1000

9-6pm or 24 hours?

We set our hires to default at 9am-6pm. Proceed with the order if this fits your requirements. You can change the hire to a 24 hour hire by selecting it as an extra option as part of the order. See our packages for information on how to select a 4 hour hire discount or to be a passenger for a 2 hour experience with a driver provided. Our accompanied drives are provided for clients who either don’t have a valid licence or prefer not to drive themselves, but to experience a drive in a classic car. You can choose the route or we can suggest one! Please understand that a significant portion of what we charge pays to insure you to drive the vehicle, so very short hires can be proportionally more expensive.

4-hour Taster Drives & 2 Hour Accompanied Drives

Looking for a shorter hire? Applying a voucher code entitles the purchaser to either a 4 hour hire, or a 2 hour accompanied drive with a member of our staff, who knows the car inside and out. These are specific to each vehicle, and can be found by navigating to the Our Cars page, in the ‘4 Hour Taster Drives’ dropdown box for the vehicle you require. The times are 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm Monday-Thursday only.

Collection Time

On all 24hr bookings the collection time is on 6pm the day before your booking commences. So, if you book your car from the 27/05/2015, you may pick this up on 26/05/2015 at 6pm

Date from – this is the date of the full day that you want the car for.
Date to – this is the date of the end of the hire.

For example
A 24 hour hire for Saturday 25th September would be
date from 25th September and date to 25th September.

A 48 hour hire for the same weekend would be
date from 25th September and date to 26th September.

Collection for both would be on Friday 24th at 6pm. If you need another collection time between 9am and 7pm, just let us know by calling 0191 406 3527.

Codes for 4 hour hires and corporate tours/road trips

When booking either a 4 hour hire, or for a corporate tour/road trip, you must apply a code in the ‘Apply promo/voucher’ box on the booking page. These are shown below for each vehicle. Furthermore, when booking for a corporate tour/road trip, you must pick the options for Driver &/or Passenger for Corporate Tour/Road Trip.

CarCode for Corporate Tour/Road TripCode for 4 Hour Hire
Jaguar E-Type Convertibleg-t-roadster4houretyperoad
Jaguar E-Type Hard Topg-t-fhc4hourfhc
BMW 2002g-t-20024hourbmw2002
Ford Mustang Convertibleg-t-mustang4hourmustang
Fiat Multipla4hourmultipla
Morris 1000g-t-morris4hourmorris1000
Triumph Stagg-t-stag4hourstag
MGB Roadsterg-t-mgbr4hourmgbroad
VW Karmann Ghiag-t-karmann4hourvwkg
Porsche 911 3.0g-t-9114hour911
Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8L4hourmk238
Jaguar Mk. 2 2.4L4hourmk224
Fiat 500D4hour500d
Humber Hawk4hourhumber

Looking for a chauffeured hire?

Not all of our vehicles are appropriate for a chauffeur hire. We can provide a chauffeur to and from your destination at the prices in the below table. These can be purchased as an add-on when booking the hire online. Choose the standard 9am-6pm hire with the desired chauffeur hire mileage add-on. For a chauffeur service more than 30 miles away from Gosforth please contact us.

VehicleUnder 10 mile delivery10 to 30 mile delivery
Humber Hawk£265£325
Morris 1000 Convertible£235£295
BMW 2002 Targa£260£320
Triumph Stag£290£330
Ford Mustang Convertible£314£344
Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8L£309£349
Jaguar Mk. 2 2.4L£279£329
Fiat 500D£249£319
Fiat Multipla£280£340


Go to the Book a Classic page. Proceed with the booking process. We accept most major credit/debit cards. The deposit is not actually taken from your account- on the day of the hire we will need to check that your account has funds at least equal to the deposit amount. We just need to check you could cover payments, should there be a problem.

Pay 50% now, 50% later

For hires over £200 and more than 2 months to booking date we can take a 50% balance to book the car, then the other 50% balance a month before the booking date. Give us a call and we can arrange this. You should have all of the details required to make a reservation prior to contacting us.

Need a second driver insured?

We charge a flat fee of £25 for every day you need an extra driver insured. This is an option you can pick as you proceed with your order.

Wanting the car dropped off?

Within reason, we can transport the car to you/collect the car from you, at a fee. For example, the journey from Gosforth (where we are based) to Warkworth is approx. 28 miles. Therefore the charge would be £60, for delivery or collection of the vehicle. If you wanted the car delivered to you, and collected from you, the charge would double to £120. We offer the following delivery/collection options as part of the booking process. We just ask that you use a service such as Google Maps to calculate your journey distance so as we can charge for the service accurately.

Delivery/Collection (one way)Price
1-10 miles£20
11-20 miles£40
21-30 miles£60
31-40 miles£80
41-50 miles£100
51-60 miles£120
61-70 miles£140
71-80 miles£160
81-90 miles£180
91-100 miles£200