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    Start: arrive 9 - leave 10

    We begin at our garage in Gosforth, where your vehicles can be safely stored for the day out.

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    Elsdon: arrive 10:45 - leave 11:15

    We make our first stop in Elsdon, with a coffee break at ‘The Old Schoolhouse’, and car switchover.

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    Carter Bar - Highgreen Manor - Greenhaugh: arrive 12:30 - leave 13:45

    We drive through the beautiful Northumberland National Park, reaching the Scottish border, then descend to Greenhaugh, having lunch at ‘The Hollybush Inn’.

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    East Wallhouses: arrive 14:30 - leave 15:15

    A final switchover at the highly acclaimed Vallum Tea Rooms, on the site of an ancient Roman settlement.

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    End: arrive 16:00

    Return to our garage in Gosforth.

  • Start your engines!
  • Elsdon
  • Carter Bar
  • Vallum Tea Rooms

This is just one of several great routes, ideal for our corporate tours and road trips.

We incorporate breaks throughout the day for stops at locations of natural historical beauty and some great Northumberland pubs. All those attending will be insured for the whole fleet of vehicles. Previous clients have really enjoyed the opportunity to drive a Jaguar E-Type, classic 911, Austin Healey and 60s Ford Mustang on the same day, and it is a truly memorable experience. Of course all our cars are great fun, and these are just a few favourites.

At £195 per driver (£100 per passenger), our tours are starting to develop quite a reputation, as they offer such a fun and satisfying day out. We usually require at least 3 individuals book 3 different vehicles. As a rule we don’t provide this service for individual hirers, and recommend a regular self-drive booking. However, free of charge we can supply a sat-nav with the above route if you find it appealing.

See the booking page to hire the vehicles of your choice, and choose the ‘Corporate Tour/Road Trip’ option, either as a driver or a passenger.

We would greatly appreciate you and your colleagues interested in this experience book the cars on the same day, as one or more of the desired cars may be booked by another individual hire if you do not book on the same day.