Classic Experiences: The Secret Car Show Hire

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Jonathon’s family knew he loved old cars, but that he probably didn’t have quite enough passion to spend the countless hours browsing websites for obscure 60s parts, just so he could finally drive his dream car. That’s where we come in.

His family contacted us to book the E-Type Roadster, to which we replied “it’s going to Whitley Bay Car Show, I’m afraid”.

“Well could we pick it up from the car show then?”

“Hmm, perhaps you could, but I don’t think the council would allow it.”

After some wonderful correspondence with the council, we convinced them to allow it. The family did their part, getting Jonathan to obliviously sign the insurance waivers with alarming competency. As with many of our more personal hires, the goal is to fulfil a young lad’s dream, so crafting a genuine surprise is essential. The stage was set.

Fast forward to the day of the show, we find ourselves in another contrived but ultimately satisfying surprise scenario.

Jonathon looks excited, as he wanders towards our E-Type.

“That’s my favourite car of all time” he innocently remarks.

His son winks at us…just a few more seconds to lift off.

“Why don’t you take it for a few hours drive?”. Jonathan looks confused, as would be expected.

“No, seriously, this is your present from us!” his family explain.

And the rest was history. His face says it all.