Welcome to our booking page. Here you will find the currently available cars for hire. For more information on our whole range of cars, or if you are having trouble understanding what dates to book in for your hire, see Prices.

IMPORTANT: Using your gift voucher

Customers looking to spend their gift voucher should IGNORE the 'Apply Promo or Voucher' box that appears when the customer chooses a car to book, and the initial booking window appears. To apply the gift voucher, continue with the order, filling in contact details etc. The prompt to input the voucher code is after clicking 'Continue' once all required contact details have been input; this is on the 'Process Payment' page, and the 'Gift Certificate' link in the top left of the page should be used.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking to book a car as a surprise gift, and therefore are not sure what dates/car would be more desirable for that lucky individual, we offer a range of gift vouchers. If you do not spend the total credit on the gift voucher you received, the voucher will retain any remaining value.

50% now, 50% later

For hires over £200 and more than 2 months to booking date we can take a 50% balance to book the car, then the other 50% balance a month before the booking date. Either complete the booking up to the point of entering payment details, unfortunately you cant enter less than the full amount, don't worry, exit the page and send us an email with the booking name and car required, we should be able to retrieve and complete the booking. We will then email you with a link to pay the 50%. Or alternatively, give us a call and we can arrange this. You should have all of the details required to make a reservation prior to contacting us.

Looking for a chauffeured hire?

Not all of our vehicles are appropriate for a chauffeur hire. We can provide a chauffeur to and from your destination at the prices in the below table. These can be purchased as an add-on when booking the hire online. Choose the standard 9am-6pm hire with the desired chauffeur hire mileage add-on. For a chauffeur service more than 30 miles away from Gosforth please contact us.

VehicleUnder 10 mile delivery10 to 30 mile delivery
Humber Hawk£265£325
Morris 1000 Convertible£235£295
BMW 2002 Targa£260£320
Triumph Stag£290£330
Ford Mustang Convertible£314£344
Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8L£309£349
Jaguar Mk. 2 2.4L£279£329
Fiat 500D£249£319
Fiat Multipla£280£340

4-hour Taster Drives & 2 Hour Accompanied Drives

Looking for a shorter hire? Applying a voucher code entitles the purchaser to either a 4 hour hire, only available from Monday to Thursday or a 2 hour accompanied drive with a member of our staff, who knows the car inside and out. These are specific to each vehicle, and can be found by navigating to the Our Cars page, in the '4 Hour Taster Drives' dropdown box for the vehicle you require.

Codes for 4 hour hires and corporate tours/road trips

When booking either a 4 hour hire, or for a corporate tour/road trip, you must apply a code in the ‘Apply promo/voucher’ box on the booking page. These are shown below for each vehicle. Furthermore, when booking for a corporate tour/road trip, you must pick the options for Driver &/or Passenger for Corporate Tour/Road Trip.

CarCode for Corporate Tour/Road TripCode for 4 Hour Hire
Jaguar E-Type Convertibleg-t-roadster4houretyperoad
Jaguar E-Type Hard Topg-t-fhc4hourfhc
BMW 2002g-t-20024hourbmw2002
Ford Mustang Convertibleg-t-mustang4hourmustang
Fiat Multipla4hourmultipla
Morris 1000g-t-morris4hourmorris1000
Triumph Stagg-t-stag4hourstag
MGB Roadsterg-t-mgbr4hourmgbroad
VW Karmann Ghiag-t-karmann4hourvwkg
Porsche 911 3.0g-t-9114hour911
Jaguar Mk. 2 3.8L4hourmk238
Jaguar Mk. 2 2.4L4hourmk224
Fiat 500D4hour500d
Humber Hawk4hourhumber

Once you have decided on a vehicle of your choice click the 'Book Now' button from the selection below, and then the 'Apply Promo or Voucher' button. Copy and paste the discount code into this area to apply the discount.

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